ACT score

Hello. I am preparing my transfer application. I’m looking to transfer after freshman year to either of HYS Or UPenn , my act score is 33 (30 W, 33R, 35M, 35S).
I know ACT score won’t matter much later and my college application and other stuff will matter more but I’ll look into it later.
As of now, I need to know if I should retake my ACT or not?
Thank you.

No, you will not be required to retake your ACT. That said, you should be aware of the following: transfer slots at these schools are directly tied to attrition. With attrition at less than 2% for the collective schools, very few spots are available.

Next, as a rule of thumb, you should have been able to obtain admission as a freshmen. Transfer admission admission is much much more stringent than freshmen admission. HYS will probably see transfer admissions this year that may dip under 2%, or several thousand transfers students applying for just a couple hundred seats.

Finally, transfer admission, assuming you are in the competitive pool of perfect grades from your original institution, is usually based on your school not having a major or degree, for the school you are seeking to attend. Just wanting to go to a more elite school will not be sufficient. Best–

@boolaHI my under graduation is at a top 5 US News ranked university. Do you think that will help me somehow ?

The most represented schools for Ivy and S transfer admission, are other Ivy schools. Are you saying you currently attend an Ivy plus school (Ivy plus MIT, UChicago, Stanford…etc)?

Yes I do. @boolaHI and I didn’t know that. Thanks.

Then I would say, relative to other transfers applicants, you have a better than average chance. It will still be keenly competitive, and I again underscore that most successful transfers are because of a lack of a major or degree at their original school.

@boolaHI thanks for the information.