ACT scores for Tisch

<p>I'm applying to Tisch ED this fall. I just got back my ACT score and I got a 26 (I know it's not that good) so I'm retaking before apps are due. What is a good score to shoot for, for the Film and TV dept? The rest of my stats are good, I have a cum GPA of 4.06 w and my jr year grades were 4.6 w/4.0 uw and I'll have 9 AP classes by graduation. Thank you!</p>


<p>I am starting at Tisch in the fall and I scored a 31 on my ACTs.</p>

<p>compared to the other schools at nyu, tisch focuses more on your experience in the arts, and less on quantitative credentials (gpa, sat). do not worri if your ACTs are not high just as long as they are comparable to the average.</p>

<p>BigRed25: Do you know what the average is for the class that was just accepted?</p>

<p>If you go on, all the academic stuff is on there. I do not believe NYU puts averages for individual schools within NYU- the averages are for the entire freshman class. Priceton Review states that the average ACT was 29.</p>

<p>Actually, the SAT average is high if not the highest for film majors. At the banquet thing one of the admission officers for nyu told me (it was something like this...but that banquet thing was three months ago so spare me), something like 1380-1440...He didn't say anything about ACT.</p>