Act Scores Please Tell Me How To Convert

<p>35/40 sci
70/75 eng
56/60 math
38/40 reading</p>

<p>and </p>

<p>30/40 sci
65/75 eng
50/60 math
35/40 reading</p>

<p>You can't convert individual sections seeing as the SAT has no science part... You can convert your cumulative score - one link is <a href=""&gt;;/a> and I'm sure it's all over this board.</p>

<p>I think he is referring to his ACT actual ACT score, not a conversion to SAT score.</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a> from the other forum</p>

<p>yeah...i do mean like raw act score to scaled act score...i looked all over the internet but couldnt find a site that did this...if anyone could give me an estimate on those scores i would greatly appreciate it..
also, if any1 knows anything bout RSI admission and how u can get an application that would be great</p>