ACT scores: Which would look better?

<p>I got a 36 in English on my second ACT, but only a 23 in science. I ended up getting a composite score of 28. I'm planning on majoring in English as an undergrad, so I'm really hoping to let colleges see my 36, but I'm also hoping to improve my composite score on my next ACT. My top-choice school doesn't superscore, so I was curious which would look better to colleges: a 36 in English with a lower composite score, or a potentially lower English score with a higher composite score?</p>

<p>Thank you!</p>

<p>If I were in your shoes I would just send both, that way colleges will be able to see both the higher composite and the 36 on the English. </p>

<p>Although I don't think it would be too hard to replicate the 36. I scored a 36 on the english last time and I'm fairly confident that I scored 36 once again on the June test.</p>

<p>You should retake it. I think whatever college you're applying would be happy with (maybe even prefer) a 29-36 with a 35 English than a 28 with a 36 English. Take it again and see what happens- like the poster above me said, it probably won't be that hard to duplicate a 36 on the English section.</p>