ACT Scores

should i submit by 32 ACT?
i was not able to retake bc of covid
i plan on applying ED to Cornell for Government and Public Policy
i got a 36 in reading and 35 in english, my math score was a 27 though
i have very strong ECs byt my rank is only the top 11% of my school

How are your essays? Have you visited? What ways have you demonstrated interest?
Strong ECs are better than a composite on the lower end. Do you know anyone else from your HS applying ED?

Demonstrated interest is not considered for Cornell.

The general rule of thumb is if your score is within the 25th-75th range for a school, submit it, otherwise, don’t.

Cornell’s Class Profile ( ) states the range is 32-35, which is right at the edge. If you weren’t to submit it, do you have other test scores, such as AP/IB/SAT Subject Tests?

Enrolled class of 2024 ACT mid 50% scores were 32-35. Access profile here:

Many counselors are suggesting that applicants only send tests if their score is at the median of last year’s class. (Admitted applicant scores would be better to use than enrolled, but I don’t see admitted stats for Class of 2024).

Therefore, I recommend (based on incomplete information) you not submit a 32, because that is at the 25%ile (probably between 1 and 1.5 points lower than the median score of Class of 2024). However, if you are a URM, it could make sense for you to submit.

What does your HS GC say?

I think you submit the score. Very very few will have the opportunity to have multiple retests and optimal testing situations this year. It would follow that less than ideal testing circumstances will generally lead to lower scores this year (a total guess). You are not pursuing a STEM major. I think you throw the 36 and 35 on the table as a confirming factor that many won’t have. The composite score will be among Cornell’s usual band. Otherwise you are going head to head with lots of kids with 4.0 UW and top 5% class rank who are also test optional.

The only reason I would not is if your school historically and consistently sends kids with your class rank or lower to Cornell and they know your school very well.