ACT Sending Scores (quick question)

Quick question: Is it bad that I JUST sent my ACT and SAT II scores to colleges? The deadline is 1/1 and today is exactly 2 weeks from 1/1. I’m not too worried about the SAT II’s since I only sent it to 2 colleges. I’m far more worried about the ACT which I sent to every college…

I believe you should be okay. I know the College Board usually says about it takes 1-2 weeks to send the scores. What did the ACT say for estimated time?


“A Standard Report ($12.00 per test date per report) is a complete report and is normally processed within one week after receipt of your request. These reports are delivered in the next processing cycle requested by the college or agency to which you are requesting delivery, at least twice a month.”

I’m guessing it should be okay.

Sounds like it
Good luck!

You also have the probability that it makes no difference since most colleges with early Jan app deadlines accept scores that arrive after the deadline.