Act ( Single section retesting )

Hey I am an international student in 10th grade from India and wanted to ask about the Act single section resetting feature coming 2020. How will selective colleges respond to this change and also will schools like Yale etc superstore the new Act?

ACT has postponed the implementation and I’m unaware of any schools making any statements about how they will handle it.

ACT’s recommendation is to use it like current scores, which would imply that superscoring schools would include individual sections into superscores and single sitting schools would discard them.

But we’ll need to wait and find out. It certainly isn’t coming in 2020, and I doubt this testing season. Fall 2021 at best, I suspect.

@RichInPitt tanks a lot for the information i just wanted to ask wether we should take a calculator for the ACT Computer based testing or will one be provided in the computer?

I would always want to be prepared with a calculator that is familiar to me, even if one is provided.