ACT Standby Testing

<p>So I'm doing standby testing for the December 2010 ACT.
I'm so confused though. Do I still have to register? Don't I just fill out the form and go to the test center? Do I pay anything beforehand?</p>

<p>How do I know which test centers are availble? I clicked on the link for test centers and I saw some near me. But none of them were clickable. Do I just randomly go to one?</p>

<p>somebody pleaseeeee help me. I HAVE to take it to apply to colleges. This is my last chance!</p>

<p>You must print and fill out a standby request form.</p>

<p>ACT</a> Registration : Standby Testing</p>

<p>hope you pick a center with an open seat.</p>

<p>Thanks. But is that all I have to bring? Also, do I have to do the folder AND print out options?</p>

<p>You bring the standby request form to the testing center. Also, you will need to bring an ID. ACT will bill you the feels after you have completed the test.</p>