ACT Student Report question

<p>Looking at my ACT student report, the GPA it has in the "Your Information" section is wrong. It says that I have a 3.67 when in reality I have a 3.1 as shown on my transcript. Will this in anyway affect my admission? Would the school think I'm dishonest or something?</p>

<p>Maybe that 3.67 is not your overall GPA but your GPA for the year you are in currently (or were in during the time you took the ACT). Just in case you should check with your counselor. Sending wrong info would be pretty bad -</p>

<p>No, what happened was that I didn’t completely fill out the student profile before I took my ACT, so they took the GPA of the grades I put in, which weren’t complete.</p>

<p>Ah yeah Idk then. I would still ask the counselor about it</p>

<p>Well, you can always update your student profile on the website. I think that the only thing reported to colleges is the score, but if you and your counselor decide that it is bad to have that wrong gpa on there, i would suggest that you update your profile and pay the extra fee to report your scores again.</p>