ACT Superscoring question

My understanding is that effective sept 2020, the ACT is offering superscoring. Does anyone know if students can choose a specific score ( for example: math) taken prior to Sept and combine the score with a score after September 2020? Or is superscoring only available to tests results AFTER September 2020. Thanks!

I believe its only for the ones taken after September 2020, but I would double check

ACT has postponed individual section re-testing, have they also postponed putting a superscore on the report?

Regardless, admissions offices know how to do math - averaging four numbers. Putting it on a score report won’t do anything, IMHO.

I doubt there’s any “choosing” of a score involved. They’ll just take the highest score in all 4 sections of any test you’ve taken, and average them. I can’t imagine it working any other way and highly, highly doubt it will be “only tests after x date”.

Per the Superscoring Webinar on the ACT website you can superscore from tests taken as far back as 5 years from the most recent test.

…subject to their normal 5 year limitation. I was thinking of the “only for the ones taken after September 2020” comment.

5 years makes sense and would be problem for almost no one.

Not even “average” them. For the more competitive colleges, it’s the subscores that matter, not Composite. Adcoms can look at all the scores and pick out the highest. Or at some point, have their programs pick them out. That’s what they do now.

5 years is long ago. Are we talking testing in 7th-8th grade? I’d think this matters more for people with extensive gaps between hs and applying. ??

Agree - the concept of an ACT composite superscore is fairly meaningless. No one says I “averaged” 750 on my SAT, based on a 730/770.

But ACT is trumpeting it for some reason, OP asked, and that’s all they do. Average and round.

(Fwiw, yes CTY/TIP/Davidson testing is typically 7th/8th grade. SET qualifying is before 13th birthday. My D took the SAT both 7th and 8th.)

Makes sense, thanks for all the replies here!