ACT then no SAT II's?

<p>My daughter and I were just on three campus tours - Tufts, Boston U. and Brown. Each of the three schools that we visited stated that if an applicant submits ACT scores SAT II subject test scores are not needed. Is this the true for most all colleges/universities?</p>

<p>I've always been under the impression that most more selective schools want SAT IIs in addition to the ACT and that "not needed" many times means "recommended".</p>

<p>Go here for a list of colleges that require, recommend or consider SAT IIs. In the required column you will see a number listed, 2, for colleges that require them. If the 2 in the required column has an * next to it it means the college accepts the ACT in lieu of both the SAT and SAT IIs; if there is no * next to the 2 it means the college requires SAT IIs even if you submit ACT: Compass:</a> Admissions Requirements As you will see many do accept ACT in lieu of SAT and SAT II but a number still require the IIs even if you sumit ACT.</p>

<p>Thank you so so much for the link!!! John Hopkins wants 3 tests. Oh dear, my daughter was only planning to take 2. Hmmm. Good to know. Thanks again.</p>