ACT tips and hints?

<p>I'm taking the ACT tomorrow morning for the first time. I have taken the SAT twice and the first time got a 1080, this last time I took it (Oct) I just got a 1100, but I <em>hate</em> the SAT.. My math isn't so hot (I got a 590) but my verbal is pretty good, I have looked over the ACT practice test(s) and feel very confident, but the only problem is that I don't know any trigonometry (I'm taking math analysis this year and we haven't covered it yet) -- the science section looks pretty easy: look at some charts and some theoretical opinions, answer questions, the English looks like a piece of cake, read the passage, fixed the underlined mistakes (or leave them if correct) -- the reading comprehension should also be cake, but what suggestions could you guys give me on the Math section? Also, timing, what is the best method I can use to pace myself? Thanks in advance.</p>

<p>hey same a 1160..hate it...takin the ACTs! for the first time with NO PREP! not even n hour! so lets see...</p>

<p>I've studied over the "Preparing for the ACT" a bit, and I've gone through the practice test but I want to hear from people who've already taken the test to see if they can offer any advice/tips.</p>

<p>if u wanna do good in act u will definitely have to study
its a b*tch just like sat so dont think u can just walk in there and pull off a 30 or higher, u will definitely need prep
eng. section-there are so many questinos missin a few drops ur score tremendously, so you need practice questinos alot
math section-rather easy, straightforward, soem strange questions came up last time i took on absolute value graphs and geometric series questions so i wud prepare for those topics
reading adn sciece-hardest sections in the test!! you dont have enough time for these sections, get a prep book or sumthin to help you find the best strategies</p>

<p>I took the test one day as a "trial run", not even knowing the format of the test, and managed to score a 34 (all 36s and a low math score). It can be done easily.. just pace yourself and you'll be fine. IMHO, the ACT is slightly easier than the SAT, but YMMV!</p>

<p>Can I get some more opinions?</p>

<p>most people have a higher act than sat, so good luck</p>

<p>What's YMMV?</p>

<p>raven001: That sounds like what I think will happen to me, my math is so-so..not <em>too</em> bad...I got a 590 on it on the Oct. SAT..but my science (the type of science on this test), reading comprehension, and English grammar are pretty solid, especially the English grammar/reading comp.</p>

<p>your milage may vary (YMMV)</p>

<p>The ACT does not penalize you for guessing. ANSWER EVERY QUESTION!! You'll be surprised how quickly time runs out. My S studied for the ACT and his ACT score was comparable to his SAT score. The second time he took the ACT he knew that time would be a problem and he raised his score by 3 points.</p>

<p>I thought the ACT was much was so fun I started smiling in the middle of the test. If you are language oriented, you will definitely like the ACT. The math is MUCH easier than the SAT math. However, the science has a very harsh to nonexistent curve. I missed one question and it dropped me to a 35. gl with it.</p>

<p>i'm takin it tomorrow, and i always have trouble with reading and science. There is NO TIME!! (or very little). Any suggestions to get past the readings and graphs?? thanks</p>


<p>hope this is not too late...I find it easier to see what the science and reading questions are asking and then go back and look them up. I read the intro to see what the experiment was about but I didn't really study the charts/graphs. Reading, since it is chronological, it makes more sense to not read the passage if you don't have time.</p>

<p>practice, practice, practice</p>