ACT tragedy

<p>I am a junior I have been taking ACT/SAT prep since this summer. I mostly have been practicing with SAT, working on the math and english sections along with the essay. I started working on the ACT about a week before the test and I did some work on the Science section. As for the english and essay section I did a section of the english section and talked about the differences of the ACT and the SAT. Now I took the ACT PLAN in my sophomore year and got a 28, and I know that usually when you take the PLAN they tell you your scores for the actual test will be somewhere around that area. When I took the ACT I was shooting above a 30, but I got a score much lower than my PLAN. Now I know this is my first time taking this test but I am really panicing because like anyone else I want to go to a competitive college and I am actually scared at this point because I am worried my scores won't get any better. If anyone has any advice on what I should do I would really appreciate it.</p>

<p>Also, does it really matter how many times you take the test? Both ACT and SAT? Because I know people say three times is probably good number but I bombed the SAT as well that would only give me two more chances and I not sure that I'll miraculously get a perfect in those two tries.</p>

<p>Don't tell me that you got way lower than a 28 and you want a perfect SAT....</p>

<p>Well what was your actual score? I got a 25 the first time I took the ACT and eventually brought it up to a 30 (and that was with only 3 hours of sleep the night before, so I probably could have done even better if I was able to focus more). You have plenty of time to practice, being a junior; anyone can bring their score into the 30s with enough dedication.</p>