ACT vs SAT UPenn?

<p>Does the UPenn Engineering program (if it exists... Im a junior, bear with me) discriminate between SAT and ACT? Also, does anybody know their ranges for these test for the program?</p>

<p>Just wondering... Im going to copy and paste this in other colleges, lol, but its not spam.</p>

<p>Penn's school of engineering and applied science doesn't prefer either test. I'd be surprise if any school prefers either test for that matter. Penn doesn't release info for each specific school, but here's the overall undergrad profile Penn</a> Admissions: Incoming Class Profile. SEAS is generally viewed upon as one of the easier schools in Penn to get into, because it is overall not as strong as Wharton or CAS (not saying, it's a bad program, it's great!). Because of this, the acceptance rate for SEAS is probably higher than the overall acceptance rate.</p>

<p>I don't think SEAS is much easier to get into than CAS or Wharton, SEAS is significantly more self selective. I would say the average student I have met from SEAS (I'm in CAS) is more impressive than the average student from any other school. Engineering definitely requires the most work. As far as test scores, you should aim for high math and math subject scores and take the physics and/or chem subject test. Aim for high 700s.</p>

<p>If Penn engineering can not infer applicants' abilities based on either the ACT or the SAT, then it's not a college you would want to attend....</p>

<p>Think about it.</p>

<p>@Poeme I thought the general consensus was that Wharton was the most selective, followed by CAS, followed by SEAS. I didn't say anything about self selectivity, but I imagine Wharton would be fairly self selective as well. </p>

<p>@T26E4 your statement makes just about no sense.</p>