<p>Just took coupel diagnostics. I know that SAT I is more "recognized" or preferred. I dont know what to do.. here are my scores lol</p>

<p>SAT I:
CR 570,
Math 630
Writing- 610</p>

English 36
Math 32
Reading 30
Science 25</p>

<p>Not the best scores. I know I can improve because my SAT II Scores aren't too bad
Which one should I prep for?
by the way, the 2 schools I want to get into requires my scores by Oct and Nov</p>

<p>Why not retake both? You have a while until you need to take them.</p>

<p>I would definitely stick with the ACT if I were you. Just practice, practice, practice that science.</p>

<p>Personally, I would retake the SAT. Your ACT composite is already pretty good, so if you don't do well on the SAT the next time around, you'll have something to fall back on. </p>

<p>But it's your choice. Whichever you choose to retake will work out fine - scores usually come back in time for ED deadlines.</p>

<p>31 vs. 1810?
K.O 31. 1810, you lose.</p>

<p>Id work on the ACT as well. You can def. get the science up, I took one practice test in time between first and second act and raised my science section 8 points</p>

<p>i vote both</p>

<p>I would submit the ACTs; for you, they are equivalent to approximately a 1366 on the old SATs compared to your current 1200, I'd say that's much better.</p>

<p>No guys, u see, i haven't studeid for either yet and i haven't taken them yet. These are just the scores based on diagnostic tests.</p>

<p>Should i study for one, two, and which one should i take/ Thanks!! :)</p>

<p>Study for both do the September ACT, then either October SAT or Nov, if no problem with those dates. Any school I have looked at, ACT is accepted 100% accross the board instead of the SAT but make sure you take it with the writing portion.</p>

<p>Sorry to highjack(LOL!)the thread, but if you do take the September ACT with the writing, how long does it take for the colleges to receive the scores?</p>