Hi, I am just curious to find out-
I have taken the SAT twice and haven’t really gotten a score that I am satisfied with. Is the ACT an option I should consider for my next test or is it harder? Is it easier to get a higher score with or is SAT the best choice?
Thanks in advance!

There’s no absolute answer to that – some kids do better on one, some on the other. If you have the option and time to take both, it’s worth finding out which is better for you. Or try a practice test. My older kids did both and used the ACT. My youngest scored exactly the equivalent on both.


My kid’s (excellent) guidance counselor said that in her experience 1/3 of students do better on the SAT, 1/3 of students do better on the ACT, and 1/3 of students do the same on both exams.

Nobody here can guess how you will score on one exam versus the other. I suggest you take a practice ACT and see how you do and if you prefer that exam.


You can know for little money and minimal time.