ACT vs. SAT?

<p>Okay I took the March SAT and I did a lot worse than I should have (710 Math, 600 CR, 540 Writing). My transcript itself is pretty decent, 4.02 W, 3.89 U, top 1% out of 700, 5 strong EC's (band+competitions, baseball, math HS+tutoring, German HS+awards and activites,volunteer work at the hospital) , 3 700-800 SATII scores, 7 AP's by graduation. </p>

<p>If I take the ACT and do well (let's say 30, +/-2 points) will the admissions overlook the SAT?</p>

<p>Also if I do well on the AP English exam, would that help me out as far as my poor English scores?</p>

<p>(And what are some possible schools?) Thanks</p>

<p>please answer...</p>

<h2>Well, unless you're dream is to attend Princeton, take the ACT.The ACT and the SAT are the synonymous--testing rudimentary math skills, writing skills, and reading skills. The ACT constitutes a science section, and when placed in juxtaposition with the SAT is more well, straitforward. The SAT tests the same questions, but has "twist." Nonetheless, the two tests are weighed identically. Anyway, someone really helpful sent me a link based on college requirements. I know it's a little tangetial of your original question, but why not? <a href=""&gt;;/a> </h2>

<h2>Hm, yeah I too am taking the English AP. Though in comparison to the SAT reading sections it's much more convoluted and rigorous. The English test has individuals read excerpts by archetypes of literary genious such as Dickens (they don't tell you though, so don't think you can actually "guess" the authors on the exam). There's no way to study for it; it's inherent. I myself am focusing all of my attention on my other AP's and the SAT II's that I'm taking. </h2>

<p>I Hope I was worthy of some help.</p>

<p>Thanks for the info...</p>

<p>But would my SAT score be overlooked?</p>

<p>That is my foremost concern</p>

<p>In some cases it wouldn't be neccessary to send your SATII's, because some colleges accept the ACT in lieu of SATII's.</p>

<p>yes, but if you score in the 700-800 range, you'd be quite a buffon to not send in those scores; I mean, they could only help you tremendously. At times, I've even heard the subject tests are even more important then the SAT I or ACT.</p>