ACT website crash

We are so frustrated and have repeatedly tried to contact ACT by phone and email since August 7th. My daughters exam has been rescheduled from April, to July to September and last week she got an email saying that the date and test site had changed. The new site is in OHIO and we live in Boston, MASSACHUSETTS. Is this ridiculous or what? Computer melt down literally. Her account history is blank, we can’t cancel or change it or contact anyone. Multiple emails over the week are unanswered. Phone calls on hold for 2 hours were finally abandoned. Is anyone else in the same boat?

I thought college board was bad! Actually, last night my mother signed my brother up for his ACT in December. He is taking it in NY…lets see if it happens. He’s a rising junior and he has some time.

Hope he fares better. This is unbelievable.

Try the SAT instead. Don’t get your hopes up - results vary by area. Folks are still having issues, but ACT seems to be faring the worse of the two.

My daughter was registered for SAT in March 14th. That was canceled the day before and rescheduled once and is now also without a date. Can’t win. She was going to try each once and see if one was easier for her. Thwarted on both

We are in the same boat! Cancelled tests all spring. Up at the crack of dawn both mornings to try and register. Only seats available are in other states. We did sign up for SAT but frustrating as my senior has been preparing for the ACT. If you go on Twitter hundreds of students and parents having the same experience.

ACT certainly seems to be doing poorly. Cancelled test dates and the like are a byproduct of the situation we are in, so I can’t really “blame” the organizations for that. But how they react, re-plan, and interact with their paying customers certainly is under their control.

Fwiw, registering for SATs for this fall was painless for us, but what really matters is the actual test delivery

Wait a few days and try again. We had a hard time the first week of open registration for the September dates, i.e., the site crashed, September date were filled, nearest test site was an hour from home, etc. Since then, ACT has opened up more seats for the filled dates and added more test sites closer to home. I keep checking about once a week to see if another closer test site is added. At this point there is no cost to change test sites/date. Good luck.

Thanks, helps to know what others are encountering.

The problem we have is her ACT account history is blank, for days now. We can’t see anything. So we can’t cancel the weird Ohio test date she was randomly assigned (we live in Boston), or sign up for anything.

There is another thread that discusses the ACT and it’s total lack of competency.

As another poster stated, no one could predict the effects covid had on standardized testing.

However, ACT has now had almost 9 months to react and deal with covid. ACT has failed miserably in almost all aspects of administering a nationwide standardized test that thousands of kids, parents, schools, and other stakeholders are required to rely upon each year. In fact, the very basis for the existence of the ACT was to provide an acceptable option to the SAT in order to provide these stakeholders with another option other than the SAT on taking standardized tests.

The lack of competency, transparency, and ability shown by ACT is frustratingly apparent and the fragility of the ACT Is painfully clear too.

My D is going through the same thing with ACT. Given the current situation, Standardized testing ahold be broadened in terms of test administration to more than just SAT and ACT so that stakeholders have optionality.

Until then, all we can do is wait and be held hostage by ACT. It’s sad and frustrating for sure