ACT writing advice (I scored 34-35 on practices)

<p>I've taken 2 practice tests so far. Without knowing much about the test I just took it and got a 34. After taking it the first time and being familiar with the format I scored a 35. I've done the writing portion too but I don't really know what I scored. It does seem like I'm writing too little though(I just can't write very fast) when compared to the 10-12's in the examples in the Real ACT book. Do you guys have any tips and advice for the writing section? Preferably more specific than what's in the book. Thanks for the help :).</p>

<p>Try typing out your essays here on CC. There are many people willing to read and grade them. Critiques will be given as well.</p>

<p>This probably isn't very impressive for a kid that scored 34 and 35 on his practices but it's summer and I didn't think anyone would be looking at this essay. I just wanted to get the time limit in my system. Any advice and constructive criticism will be very much appreciated. (this is with the errors)</p>

<p>"In your opinion, should greater support be given to foreign language programs in high schools in the US?"</p>

<pre><code> Foreign languages should be taken very seriously in the United States. They open up opportunities for highschoolers to develope skills that are sought after by many of today's companies. They also grant the learner a larger grasp on the world. It exposes the young adults to different cultures, providing a crucial part of a well-rounded education. In addition to a better educational experience, foreign languages grant the speaker prestige and displays a level of intellect. The positive effects are not only stripped away when this subject is removed from school curriculum but a list of bad side effects take their place. By not teaching citizens a second language, America is showing the world that it really does fit the arrogant, lazy stereotype that the world has painted us to be. As individuals and as a nation, we need to continue foreign language classes in highschool.
Each of us recieve personal benefits from learning a second language. Many jobs pay more for workers who can speak multiple languages. When we contact foreigners or take a trip to a different country, it can be more efficient and enjoyable when we understand the language used. Also since many Americans do in fact follow the path of ignorance, being bi-lingual can separate the person from the crowd. It is usually surprising and impressive when one can communicate in multiple languages.
In our modern age, America has become drunk with past power. Nationalistic ideals blind citizens into believing that we are undoubtly, the best. By removing foreign languages from highschools, we are showing the world that we are arrogant and do not care for any other cultures. Why learn about other countries when we live in the best one? This condescending manner is unhealthy for our nation's strength. We should not overestimate our language and completely confirm it to be the accepted language of commerce. In the same way, we should not underestimate other nations' languages and cultures. This change in attitude can effectively tell the world that we care and we do not look down upon them; otherwise, our current behavior will breed resentment and a "root for the underdog" position from many other countries.
America cannot leave behind this crucial piece of our education if it hopes to produce well-rounded citizens and keep a well-rounded nation. Foreign languages bring us cultural awareness and prestige. It also signifies intellect. It would be a mistake to trade these positive benefits for a long list of side effects and weaknesses.

<p>Is the writing for the ACT looking for the same structure as the SAT? (for the SAT I used examples, which obviously backed my opinion) (I used more reasoning then hard examples in this writing, which is closer to AP format) I got a 5 on my AP language test so I think my writing ability should be able to produce a high score on my ACT essay once I get the right strategy going. Thanks for the help.</p>