ACT Writing Chaos

<p>Hi everyone,</p>

<p>I took the ACT without writing and got a 34. I, in my stupidity, assumed that all schools didn't care about writing. Obviously, I was wrong. About half of the schools on my list do not need writing but the other half do. So, I have a few questions. I have an SAT score of 2140 which is good but my 34 is better, if I submit both will colleges look at my ACT even if it doesn't have writing because they would have my SAT essay? Should I just suck it up, study this summer, risk not doing as well, and test again?</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure that most schools that require the ACT with writing alternately require SAT subject tests along with the normal SAT. Either way, it sounds like you need to take another test :-/</p>

<p>What schools are you looking at?</p>