ACT Writing Predicament

Hello, I am wondering two things today. I got an almost perfect ACT composite score, but only got an 8 on the essay. Earlier this year, I got a 32 on the ACT but got a 9 on the essay. My first question is can I superscore to use the 9 and 35 score? My second question is whether a 35 and a 9/8 on an ACT is good enough for colleges such as Penn or Brown?

  1. The difference between an 8 and a 9 is minimal. Don't think it's worth it to send in a lower score for the extra essay point.

Essay is not really that important (no college is going to look down at an 8)

  1. A 35 definetely good enough for any college in the US, but the standardized test score is only one part of the application, your gpa, essays, lors, and ECs are also a huge part of your application. That is what you should focus on now you got that test grade.

Schools like Penn and Brown are super selective and turn down kids with amazing stats all the time, your test score is amazing but make sure you have ECs and essays that make you stand out.