ACT Writing Scores

I’m sure CC gets a lot of these questions now, but I’d like to know.

Composite 36
Writing 23

Composite 35
Writing 19

I took it again to raise the writing score, but it only went down. In school, I’m not a bad writer, but I struggle with timed essays.

  1. Should I retake it?
  2. Does the June score detract from my application?

Pay to have it rescored. Don’t retake.

It’s $50 to have it rescored. If your score goes up, you get your $50 back. If your score stays the same, they keep the $50. (Everything I’ve seen indicates that your score will not ever be lowered.)

Lots of high ACT scorers get int he 20’s on the writing, so I wouldn’t worry about October. Only about 1600 students each year get a 36.

  1. No.
  2. 35 is still a great score. No reason to even send it unless a college requires all of your ACT scores. @CGHTeach is right that they will never lower a score.