ACT Writing Section / Combined Score

<p>On a recent ACT i was fortunate to score 35 English, 33 Math, 36 Reading, and 33 Science. However, on the essay I did not fare too well and got an 8. My new English/Writing score was a 31. But my composite score still remained at 34. I am probably simply ignorant, but shouldn’t my composite score then be 33? Or do colleges simply look at the essay score separately, and the new combined score does not factor into the composite. I am simply trying to decide if I should retake the test in hopes of improving the essay score. Although I really would rather not, seeing that review books simply cannot compare to a good old novel : ). Thanks.</p>

<p>The writing score doesn't factor into your composite score.</p>

<p>Colleges do see your essay and essay score, so you might want to retake it to improve that.</p>

<p>Your English multiple choice is factored into your composite (the 35), and not your 31. I'm actually in the exact same boat, I got a 35 on Eng, 31 on E/W ... so an 8 on my essay, and had a 34 composite. In reality, most colleges don't look at it with too much weight, but if you're only a junior, like me, it wouldn't hurt to give it another shot.</p>

<p>composite score doesnt include the writing. which is great cuz i got a 36 but an 8 essay. plus colleges dont really care bout that writing anyways.</p>

<p>Do colleges really not pay as much attention to the writing score? I really am not as knowledgeable about the process as some of you guys are! Thanks so much for your advice.</p>