ACT writing was to easy to forget about

<p>Ok so yesterday someone asked me what i got on my writing act and i remembered that i never checked... so i found my sheet i got in the mail and i got a 9 out of 12 85%ile </p>

<p>Is that bad to send to colleges?</p>

<p>My act composite was 32 (33,33,31,31) and my percentile was 99%ile</p>

<p>If i do send it will the colleges get my composite seperate from the wrting or will it be combined?</p>

<p>oh yea and what did everyone else get on the writing?</p>

<p>8- never practiced- I was happy, but I'll get higher next time</p>

<p>10 </p>

<p>i couldn't care less</p>

<p>and from what i hear, the colleges don't care much more than I do</p>

<p>I got a 12, but I did terrible in reading (26) which lowered my composite to 29. I guess I have to sit through the essay again...</p>

<p>The essay isn't counted into the composite right? Sanguine what format did you use for the essay (Grammatix)?</p>

<p>The essay score is not calculated into the composite score.</p>

<p>the writing section's pretty useless and scored fairly odd. it doesn't factor into the composite and few colleges will weigh it too heavily.</p>

<p>i got an 8 act writing but a 12 sat writing.</p>

<p>I got a 7 on SAT writing but a 11 on ACT Writing.</p>

<p>gexxman did you write using the same format as you did on the SAT? What format did you use? Is the ACT writing easier?</p>

<p>parikhs, i love how you ask what format. On my test, I didn't use a test book format...I just thought about the topic, formulated my thesis, and backed it up with some examples. Of course, I also threw in a few ornate phrases and good vocab. That's all there is to it, for me.</p>

<p>1337hax0r wat did u score? Should I just write how I wrote on SAT? Intro para stating the examples im gonna use...then paragraph for each..and conclusion summing it all up repeating thesis statement?</p>

<p>I've never taken an official ACT so idk how its scored.</p>

<p>parikhs, I didn't use any specific format for the essay. In fact, I did no preparation for the ACT at all and didn't even kno that there was a Science Section on it :(
I think I used an intro, body, body, body, conclusion form.</p>

<p>I ended up with 30 english, 26 reading, 28 Science, 33 math, and 32 writing/english. This made for a 29 composite :(
*I'm applying to Duke and Dartmouth so I was unhappy to find that this put my at only 95% on a test not as popular as the SAT. I'm especially upset at my english and reading scores, considering I scored a 740 on the SAT writing section. Therefore I'm forking over 80 bucks to take the ACT standbye next weekend.</p>

<p>btw just some info...english, science, math, reading are scored from 1-36. They are then averaged to get a composite. The ACT is curved so that a 36 is perfect (as in 100% correct). Its not like on the SAT where you can usually get one wrong and still earn an 800 on a CR section.</p>

<p><a href=""&gt;;/a> has some more information on percentiles, etc.</p>

<p>i got a 12 on the writing in june (i thought i had the pattern down...), but I wanted to raise my composite. I took it again in October, and my composite dropped as did my a 9! I was mad, but I was expecting a lower score...hopefully I'll be able to get my 12 back this saturday!</p>

<p>Do colleges take the best score of each section and then average it out?</p>

<p>i.e: 1- 33 English 25 reading
2- 29 English 31 reading
Would they average the 33 and 31 or just take the best composite from one sitting?</p>

<p>They look at your best sitting. They usually don't mix and match best subscores.</p>