ACT writing?

<p>is it like the SAT essay...and how much are you expected to write?</p>

<p>I think the SAT/ACT writing sections are a little bit different (SAT asks for a more philosophical response and ACT wants a persuasive essay -- bad explanation maybe someone else can do better). BUT, in terms of length, a lot of people claim that the more you write, the higher your score is (sift through previous threads to read more). I wrote probably 3 - 3 1/2 pages and got a 12, if that is somehow an indicator.</p>

<p>OMG how much space do they give you for the essay? Because on the SAT the essay is limited to 51 lines or whatever.</p>

<p>Ok..the essay portion is a half an hour and you will be presented with a scenario that is relatable to high school students. You will be asked to choose one side or the other, or present a different solution to the scenario (in other words, it's a persuasive essay) and support your position. Mine last year was about standardized testing. I don't remember how many lines were given because I took it last year, but you should have enough room, or write small. </p>

<p>I would write more, but don't keep repeating the same things. Provide lots of examples, and you should be fine!</p>

<p>I wrote 3 pages on my essay. What is it out off?</p>

<p>Two graders score it 1-6 and you get your score out of 12. This essay score factors into your English score to give you the Combined English/Writing score. However, your essay will not affect your composite score.</p>

<p>3 pages?? Damn how the hell were you guys able to write that much? Crap I only wrote 2 pages</p>