Act?? :(

<p>I sent in my application a while ago and i wasnt planning on taking the ACT but it turns out i am taking them in february
do i just send my scores or inform addmissions i'm taking them i dont know what i should do
anyone know??</p>

<p>sorry i probably should have posted this to a different thing but idk how to move it :(</p>

<p>Check out Yale Undergraduate Admissions section on "standardized Testing" Standardized</a> Testing for Freshman Applicants | Yale College Admissions
The last ACT testing date for RD is February. You should consider either directing ACT to release your score report to Yale as soon as the result is released or you wait for the results to be released - check it out to see if you like it - and the request ACT to send "additional report" to Yale. No need to write Yale specifically to notify you're taking ACT in February. It's already stated it will meet their deadline.
Yale Accepts ACT with Writing only OR SAT 1 with two SAT subject tests. In other words, if you have one great ACT with Writing score, no need for SAT 1 and subject tests. This is somewhat "simpler" than typical requirements of the other Ivies.</p>