Acting ideas?

I really like acting, and sort of do it as a hobby right now. My area doesn’t have many acting opportunities for high schoolers (especially right now) and I don’t do musical theater. Does anyone have an recommendations for someone just gaining an acting interest? Are there any virtual classes/auditions you would recommend? Where do you suggest I go from here?

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There is a lot of virtual theater happening now, a lot of community theaters are shifting to virtual projects this season. Heck, if you have Zoom or Google Meets or another platform like that, you can start your own virtual theater group. Here are a few links to places that I know are doing virtual theater. Pop them a note and see if they have anything you can participate in.

NuSass (DC area) ran a pre-professional program in April and May. Ask what they are up to for the fall.,show%20open%20to%20the%20public.

ArtsCentric (Baltimore, MD) ran a virtual summer institute this year. They may have more classes this fall.

Vanilla Box Productions (Worcester, MA). Check out their up-coming production “She Kills Monsters: Virtual Realms”