Action Required: Activate College Confidential Membership

I got this email from UC and they asked for unofficial transcript that I attended in Vietnam, but the thing is I didn’t know I needed to get any unofficial transcript at the time. I thought I would just leave the school and move to the U.S and attend another school.
Now they ask me for it, but I don’t even remember the student ID nor I can fly to Vietnam to ask the school. I doubt they still keep my record as it more than 5 years already.

I responded to the email and explained in the box once, now they sent me the request again. I called the school and the attendants can’t contact the admission department directly. What should I do now?

Wait for UC admisssions to answer your email. Are you a Freshman applicant or Transfer?

Are they asking for High school transcripts or College transcripts?

Is there a reason you would have to fly to Vietnam to ask your former school? So they not have email or a postal mail address?

If I was UC, I’d at least want to hear that you made an effort to get the data requested before providing a waiver.

I’m a Transfer applicant. They ask for college transcript which I attended way back when I was in Vietnam.

my brother had to ride motocycle hundreds of miles to go get it for me. That’s why I didn’t want to bother him.

They ask for college unofficial transcript, but that time I was in another major. Do you think they will count into my GPA?

If the classes are UC transferable, then yes they will be calculated into your GPA. Does not matter if they were for another major.