Activism clubs and service projects

<p>Hey everyone,
I just got back from a three day youth conference with ten nobel peace prize winners. It was a phenomenally powerful experience, and I walked away with it feeling very inspired. I have a lot of ideas bouncing around my head about community activism/fundraising things that can be done at my school, but I was just wondering what kinds of similar things you all are working on. If you're in amnesty international or a related kind of club, what kind of things do you get accomplished in that organization? have there been any projects you've done that have been particularly successful? I'm basically just looking for new ideas. plus i'm curious to see what all of you people are doing to save the world:)</p>

<p>We have HFH (Habitat For Humanity) at my school which is huge. Many members and we go on trips to rural areas and build homes for them. It really helps the people. just one idea =)</p>

<p>I'm a member of my school's Amnesty International club. We regularly send money/school supplies to an orphan in Africa (I always forget which country. I want to say Zimbabwe, but I'm probably wrong) through some other organization. </p>

<p>If you're in an environmental club or something you can start a recycling program in your school or clean up local parks/roads/etc.</p>

<p>As for fundraising, try having a basketball tournament, like 3-on-3. Also, be sure to network like crazy. Many clubs or schools together can do soooooo much more than one alone.</p>

<p>You could get peer-counseling nonviolence training and offer it to students at your school. Google to find out info about programs. Perhaps you even could get it from a local college that offers such training.</p>

<p>March of Dime's Chain Reaction clubs are student leadership clubs that raise money to research prematurity and birth defects, and also provide health education to middle school students, and do advocacy for laws improving the health care for children. Check with your local March of Dimes for info or check the national March of Dimes website.</p>