<p>Are you guys going to put things such as:
National Honor Roll
High School Honor Roll
Who's who among american high School Students
or Team awards such as Math team placing first or something like that on the "Scholastic Distinction" part.</p>


<p>i wouldn't bother with the first three :)</p>

<p>they give you 8 spaces for awards. If the ones you listed are among your 8 most impressive awards, then yes, list them. If you have 8 better things, I wouldn't extend the list to include them.</p>

<p>I'm not listing honor roll, but I am putting perfect attendance (I am damn proud of that, even though I was tardy at least 15 times -- the award should read "no absences" :P)...</p>

<p>I am lacking in the awards though I wouldn't put National Honor Roll or Who's Who... The Math team thing is good. I am putting my math team award on my app under awards.</p>

<p>My math team placed at the sectionals which i'm part of... but the awards sections says list the thing "YOU" won... so should you still put it?</p>

<p>Regarding the Who's who and national honor roll... i guess i might put it on anyways since i'm attaching an extra sheet.
I have 5 spaces used up by my 4 science olympiad awards so if i'm using a extra space .. then this wouldn't do any harm right?</p>

<p>I wouldn't put national honor roll or who's who--who's who is a minus I think. As for perfect attendance emmitt, I'd try to replace that with something better.</p>

<p>I certainly think that if you were on the team you could list team awards, but say it was a team award (unless it's obvious). </p>

<p>If you need to save space you can you list all of the scioly awards on one line.</p>

<p>definitely delete who's who and national honor roll. There are so many people out there, people who don't get into top colleges who receive those awards. Plus, there's nothing about it that makes you special. You are not the "one" or the "ten" to receive the award, you are the ten and hundred thousands in that book who receives it. So nothing special=delete from app! I'd say u would rather put only 3 awards (if that's all you got), but those 3 are really good awards rather than watering them down with meaningless ones. We want quality not quantity.</p>

<p>1st question:
In section about scholastic distinctions, they ask for the level of distinction. The olympiads were for students in Hanoi, the capital and administrative municipality. So what should level I tick? The "regional" or "state" box?
imo, my hometown is at the level equivalent to provinces in Canada; so "State" box is appropriate, isn't it?</p>

<p>2nd question:
I am an international applicant, who do not follow American educational standard. Do I have to submit Mid-year grades report?
Online they have my Part 1, but still keep Mid-year grades report unticked.
I wonder if they consider my application lacking that report after all others are submitted.</p>

Q1: if u think it fits in more than one category, then check them all
Q2: if ur school is different from the american standard, then don't send ur mid years in. But to make sure, u should email or call the admission. Btw, no one should have their mid year box check in now unless their school year is half way finished. Mid years usually get sent in around feb.</p>