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Any idea how to mention the ECs (clubs or organization) where you held different roles at different times? My daughter went from secretary to VP to President in one of her clubs. While mentioning the leadership role she put it as President, but in the years she has chosen are all those years she was part of the club. I didn’t feel that’s the right way to do. It should ideally be something like,

President (12), VP (11), Secretary(10).

Do you normally group all roles and put them as a single EC or have separate entries for each? She’s already running out of space in common app activities. Same issue with coalition as well. Any help will be appreciated.


That seems sensible. My D22 abbreviated a lot as a way to deal with the character limit.

She could also just put President (12) Not sure the other offices need to be included. Doing separate entries is not a good idea, and doesn’t leave space for anything else.

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I think she need to do something like that. Listing everything in role is not a good idea either. Thanks so much

Yes…group them. They are the same extracurricular. President (12), VP (11), Secretary (10) is what I would want to see if I was considering her application.

Some good advice here: How to Write a Successful Common App Activities List in 2021

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I think that looks better. She faced same issue in MIT portal as well. Will ask her to change.

That really is very detailed one on activities. I found 2 examples having the listing way (different roles). Will go that route now.

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Upload a resume when flexibility is needed where it is an option. The resume should not regurgitate the same info, but add to the story.