Activities in paragraph form?

<p>can you write your activities sort of like an essay? or would they prefer a table sort of like the one on the common app more? </p>

<p>sorry if someone else already asked!</p>

<p>You can do any, even a combination.</p>

<p>I talked to a Brown rep and she said paragraphs or a more "resume-style" format are both acceptable OR some combination of the two.</p>

<p>I personally think a highly effective way to go about the EC section is to list your activities, honors, positions, awards, etc. and then write a fairly long and developed essay about one activity's significance to you. The adcoms can then see your nice laundry list, and the see what it means to you.</p>

<p>However, this takes A LOT of work. I've been slaving away on my essay for more than a week now, it's tough.</p>

<p>Yup... the essay takes a while. Took me 3 weeks, 4 drafts to complete, and I'm still dissatisfied. I hope Brown will clue into the "ambiguity" of my essay, because I really consider myself a complex and multifaceted individual.</p>