Activities Page and Personal Statement

<p>I was wondering is there anyway i can skip the activities page and send in a copy of my resume, </p>

<p>also for my personal statement, i was thinking of making it unique and writing something along the lines of how Cricket displays my qualities as a student and a person, good or bad? Be honest</p>

<p>Please stick with the activities page(s) as instructed. List only those in which you are a "significant participant". </p>

<p>It is generally a good idea to develop your application in a unified theme, e.g. your passion/interest for cricket. In your statement, you should focus more on why are you interested and what have you learnt from the game, e.g. teamwork etc. Make it clear how your cricket experience lead you to Wisconsin and academic pursuit. The last point is particularly important given that cricket is often played recreationally in Madison and most people are not intimately familar with the game.</p>