Activities Section -- How Do you List Class-Based Extracurriculars (if at all?)

C24 has been in Chorus for all four years of HS; taking it as a class every semester but fall of Freshman year. At our school, it’s almost the only way to be part of a choral ensemble (there is one small student-led club, of which C24 is also a member). In my mind, though, it’s also kind of an extracurricular. There are rehearsals, concerts and activities outside of class time; there are community performances and participation in choral festivals, and there’s a fair amount of fundraising. Basically, C24 spends far more time on Chorus than they’ve ever spent on an academic class, and in a way that feels extracurricular.

Is this something C24 should be putting in their activities section, then? Or does it not count as an activity since C24 gets class credit for their participation?

I would put it as an EC and would describe the various activities involved as well as accurately list the time commitment.

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Sounds like an EC where additional info is appropiate

Yes, put it in the activities section, describing the out of class stuff (concerts, acapella etc)