'Activities' Section on Common App?

For the ‘Activities’ section on the common app, do we list activities that we do throughout the year or also those that we have done over a summer? I will be going to Macedonia as an ambassador for my city over the summer and am wondering if I would put that in the ‘Activities’ section or ‘Additional Information’. I know colleges want quality over quantity so would putting my ambassador experience in the ‘Activities’ section look like I am just trying to fill up space?

Whatever activity you have done in high school.

You can list up to 10 most important activities you participated during your high school career.

So the length of time doing the activity doesn’t matter?

Well it has to be something you did in high school.

List them in importance to you. It’s a story – not just a list. And you don’t have to fill every slot, either.

So… my summer experiences can be a part of the activities right? I know I sound pretty stupid right now…

Yes it can.

Anything since you started ninth grade, summer or otherwise. They can be school related or not, too. I think that sounds like a good activity, would definitely list it.

Also, where/how would I list jobs on the Common App?

Do you have an account already? They’re not deleting accounts this July (policy change) so you can make one now and poke around, if you want.

Yeah I just made an account like a week ago.