ACTs for Dartmouth

<p>Is a 34 ACT score w/ 11 essay sufficient for Dartmouth, considering I am an unhooked applicant from a competitive part of the country? </p>

<p>Specifically, does it need to be raised to have a good shot of getting in? Does it keep me in the "will consider" pile of applications?</p>

<p>The 34 is good. It depends on everything else. What are your SAT Subject test scores? What is your class rank? What is your weighted GPA? The ACT or SAT Reason test account for 25% of your evaluation. The middle accepted students ACT range is 30-34. So you are at the high end putting you at 75th percentile of the accepted students. You would be much higher when compared to the enrolled students.</p>

<p>Yes, it is good. The success of your application will depend on everything else.</p>

<p>Thank you for the responses. That's good to hear. On my subject tests, I received a 790 on US History, but a 690 on Math 2... I am retaking the Math 2 to get at least a 700 and hopefully a 750 or above. My school does not rank, but I know I am at least in the top 5%. Out of curiosity, how badly would a mediocre Math 2 score (700 to 740) look?</p>

<p>My kid got in with a Math 2 score in the upper part of that range, IIRC. :) On the other hand, he had two significantly higher SATIIs, so they may not even have looked at it.</p>

<p>You might want to consider taking a different test instead of retaking that one. (But probably not MathI, which has a nasty curve.)</p>

<p>Good score! In order too enhance your chance, you need to make yourself unique so that you can stand out. Carefully choose an essay topic and work on it.</p>

<p>They definitely make it harder to stand out by not having a supplement. Dartmouth is my first choice school for a variety of reasons, but there is no way for me to convey that through their application.</p>

<p>I'm not sure, but isn't there an "any other info yo want to convey" space in the application? That is the slot to insert your second essay.</p>

<p>Nope. There's no writing in the supplement.</p>

<p>Isn't there a "more info" thing at the end of the Common App? May be misremembering...</p>

<p>Yes, you can upload an additional writing supplement as part of the common application.</p>

The middle accepted students ACT range is 30-34.


<p>Negative. The 30-34 is for matriculants. (Source: Common Data Set.)</p>

<p>If ACT/SAT Reasoning scores are 25% of the evaluation, how much weight does adcom at D put on SAT II scores?</p>

<p>That's not the correct way to view it, asdzxc. There are ~6 key items in an application for unhooked applicants: gpa+course rigor are the primary components. Beyond that, test scores, essays, recs, & EC's are all considered individually. A really outstanding essay could trump all else. Really outstanding ECs could trump all else.</p>