Actuarial Science

<p>What are some schools good for Actuarial Science other than of course Wharton?</p>

<p>i'm taking a guess - Sloan, Tepper, Haas</p>

<p>i heard that there are some good paying jobs w/ pretty good demand for actuarial major like with insurance companies and stuff...just curious</p>

<p>Stern has an actuarial science major, not sure how good it is, and waterloo in canada is also extremely good in actuarial science.</p>

<p>yeah i got accepted into stern, i was planning on majoring in finance, but now i'm starting to consider actuarial science, does anyone know who good stern is for actuarial science?</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure it says on the website for stern about how many actuarial science tests it prepares you for, so based on that you could gauge how good its program is compared to other schools.</p>

<p>If your going to Stern do definitely worth more in the way graduate school and jobs</p>

<p>actuaries don't really need grad school -- they make 6 figures and get there fast because the demand is so high... because the tests are so hard to pass. not just the difficulty, but it takes ~ 5 years to pass them all the way they're offered to take. but you don't need to major in it to take them. may wanna think bout a finance with heavy math emphasis instead so you can have a job for the time before you've passed the tests...</p>

<p>Not to hijack the thread but can you be an actuary even if you do not take actuarial science, but take econs, finance or sth?</p>

<p>you can major in anything, you just have to be able to pass the tests</p>

<p>But the tests are extremely hard, and require solid math. My uncle is trained as an actuary (he never actually worked as one) and he quadrupled major in college in pure math, applied math, computer science, and physics. Of course many of the math courses overlapped so it was more three majors, but you get the point. You need a passion for math or you won't be able to handle the tests.</p>

<p>Rather than looking for actuarial science majors, you should try looking for schools with solid mathematics departments. A lot of schools won't have an actuarial science major but will have an actuarial science track within a math major, for example. Pretty much a math degree is essential. An actuarial science track is usually the toughest area of study within a math major, as opposed to like theoretical mathematics or pure mathematics. You will be taking more advanced math/statistics courses than even engineers.</p>

<p>so what undergrad schools would you reccomend?</p>

<p>Any school with good math departments, wharton, stern, or waterloo in canada because they had the first actuarial science major and one of the biggest math departments in N. America.</p>

<p>UIUC is strong in acturial science.</p>

<p>Don't pick the university based on the strength of its actuarial program. Chose the one which has the most actuarial recruiting activity.</p>