Addictive SAT.

<p>Just got your score?
Feel the urge to rewrite?</p>

<p>How many of you think the Sat can be addictive??</p>

<p>I know this sounds weird, but when i took the SAT I, i got a solid score, but i just kept wanting to retake it to push my score just that extra 100 points up. If it weren't for my rents' refusal to let me retake it, i would have resat, and resat (no pun intended) until i had a perfect score... :) Even with the SAT II - I got good results, 700s, u know - & you're happy, but not quite satisfied. CC posters only intensify the urge to do better - everyone here is so bright!!</p>

<p>amen to that.</p>

<p>Against advice of seemingly everyone on this board, I'm retaking a 1500+ score. It is compulsive somewhat...I know I can do better!</p>

<p>slipstream, I know just how you feel. Even though it is 1500+, you still feel like you can somehow do better, answer that one extra question. gl with your effort.</p>

<p>people like you **** me off. You can say you just want to "answer that one extra question," but colleges wont take this view. They'll see you exactly as you are: obsessive compulsive.</p>

<p>haosquared, thanks for the encouragement</p>

<p>piman3141, don't be so angry! btw, college reps i have talked to have told me they don't care if i retake, so I'm not too worried about it</p>

<p>I never really got the urge to retake anything, but being slightly imperfect and knowing you can get that extra whatever few points is really annoying at times.</p>

<p>Totally go for it slipstream99! Even if you don't improve by much or actually decrease your score (thought I'm sure it won't happen) :) , colleges, if they think anything of it at all, will think that you didn't just settle for a score because others thought it was good. You wanted to push yourself because you personally didn't think it was your best effort. It's about personal satisfaction, not a measly 10 or 20 points.</p>

<p>Yea i totally agree with you guys
ppl said i was crazy for retakin sat2 chem
but i went for it anyway - 10 pt increase
id say unless ur practice tests were much higher
its not worth the time and effort</p>

<p>750 (chem honors)
760 (4 months l8r)</p>

<p>My perspective is that if you take the SAT, get your score, and then think you could do better, that means that you shouldn't have taken it the first time.</p>

<p>It is just a waste of time, money, and stress to take a test when there is still room for improvement. You should bring your A game the first time, and then move on with your life. I would say the only good reason to retake is if you had a bad test day. Not being fully prepared is just poor planning.</p>

<p>zant - you're cute! you never got the urge to retake? i doubt you needed to with your 800v 800v, and 3*800!! :)
feuler - i can see where you're coming from, but the point is you a) have to take the SAT, and there really isn't much time to wait until you feel absolutely ready - you take it when the dates are available and when you're reasonably set, and b) its not like you know there's room for improvement: you feel prepared, take the SAT, do well (sometimes even better than you expected) but the addictive part is like, "Hey i was aiming from 650+, i got 710...hmmm...maybe i could push harder and get a 780?"
its not about doing badly or anything, its just that you know you can do better, now that you've seen how much you can do.</p>

<p>slipstream99, go for it! piman3141 - i know it always sounds obsessive when other people are like, "I got 1560, should i rewrite for 1600?" but when you're in the same situation yourself - heck, it all seems perfectly logical</p>

jan - 750m 560v
may - 730m 530v
oct(now) - 800m 560v
highest 1360
=> I know that I suck but with such a math I really think about "The 4th TIME!"</p>

<p>i know exactly how u feel, i got 800 v and 780 math last june....the math scale went like this: 800 780. So, i missed 1 question and they took off 20 points. I do not think I will ever forget that question, it will haunt me forever. I REALLY want to retake it, but i think my verbal will go down considerably if i do, do you think it's worth it to retake and get a combined 1600 but allow my verbal to drop or just leave it as is?</p>

<p>studybuddy101...don't retake it. 1580 is incredible and personally, I think it's worth more than a combined 1600. Besides, you might not only do worse in verbal, there might be a new math question to haunt you forever. I wish you were my study buddy though. :)</p>

<p>I'm happy with my 800 in math. I only got a 630 on verbal, but who cares b/c I got an 800 math. I was so amazed.</p>

<p>studybuddy101 - i would leave your score. haosquared is right - a 1580 is incredible, and frustrating though that 1 question may be, it's not worth risking a lower score if you retake. Besides, i've heard that colleges look for "diversity" in their SAT scores too. A kid with 1600 might be great, but the school might be looking for kids with different numbers - 1590 here, a 1580 there. To quote a Harvard ao: "we reject more 1600s than we accept." Go figure.</p>

<p>Yea, I suppose you guys are right. I'm also taking SAT II Math IIC in November, so I'm hoping to get an 800 on that to "redeem" myself. Thanks for the advice, it wouldn't be very logical to take it again, despite what my emotions want me to do lol.</p>