Adding a double major? Help please!

Hi there,

I’m starting my first year of college this fall and thanks to lots of AP and IB credits, I will be starting with 30 credit hours (sophomore status). I’m already planning to major in finance, but my advisor said I could probably add another major with ease.

I want to go to law school after I get my bachelor’s degree. Here are some double majors that I was considering:

Finance and Management
Finance and English
Finance, Management, and English (my advisor said I could triple major with these and still graduate in 4 years)
Finance and International Affairs

Thanks for your opinions and suggestions!

Do you have any interest in any of these subjects beyond trying to impress law school adcomms?

Law school is very expensive so my vote would be to graduate in the shortest possible time and save money. Double majoring isn’t going to improve your job prospects significantly, unless you want to add a math/stats/CS major, at which point you might be so overworked that your GPA and law school dreams evaporate. Minor in English or a foreign language or history and free up some time to earn a high GPA. That’s what you’ll need for law school: money and a high GPA.

I had a lot of AP credits and decided not to add another major. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. I mean, it’s one thing if you WANT to, but you could easily just take classes in all of these other areas to learn a little about everything, and maybe just take a lighter course load senior year to make more time for an internship and law school applications or whatever.

If you were going to select a second major, I would pick one that was substantially different from finance (so not management) and something that will improve your writing and critical thinking skills for law school. English and international affairs are both good choices.