Adding another college to an already large list of colleges attended

I’ve been out of school for over a decade and I’m looking to go back to finish a degree. The more competitive schools I’ve spoken to have told me that I need to have taken classes within the last four years to be considered. I’d prefer to take classes at one of the colleges I’ve already attended but I live a long distance away from all of them. Will adding another college to an already large list of colleges I’ve attended look bad on my application?

As long as you don’t matriculate as a degree-seeking student at the new college, you should be fine.

Do be conscious of how many credits you have earned so far. Many schools will not admit transfers who have too many credits, or too few. So make sure you know how many transferable credits you hold from your previous schools, and plan accordingly.

Also, research whether any of your prior schools offers online courses. That may be another option for you. But also make sure that online study will be acceptable to the school(s) you ultimately want to attend. Some (e.g. Yale Eli Whitney) stipulate that your recent studies should be in-person classes.