Adding economics major after transferring?

<p>I'm applying this fall to the UCs for 2013. I'm just about done with all my IGETC + philosophy major prereqs, only have 3 classes to take in the fall. Since I have nothing else to do, I was thinking of taking some econ classes because I am interested in investing and real estate after I graduate. That made me think I should complete the econ prereqs this fall + spring 2013 and after I transfer, petition for a double major. I know econ is impacted at most schools, so I was wondering if this is at all possible to do (assuming I complete all of the prereqs with As).</p>


<p>Sure, but you are also risking your GPA if you were to get anything but stellar grades in Econ. Which UC are you planning to apply to?</p>

<p>Berkeley and Irvine. I was thinking of taking some classes through UC Berkeley Extension, which are online and go at your own pace, to ensure that I would get As. I could also take hard classes during spring & summer 2013, which wouldn’t affect my GPA when applying.</p>

<p>Why would it affect your gpa? The calculus part or?</p>

<p>UC-Berkeley Economic is extremely competitive and impacted, I don’t think they allow you to take pre-reqs during summer? </p>

<p>If you want to get into Berkeley Economic program then you would need a +3.9 GPA and all pre-reqs completed.</p>

<p>But I wouldn’t be applying as an econ major. I would be applying as a philosophy major (which I intend to complete), and then during my first semester there, I would petition to add econ as my second major. I looked at the Berkeley econ website and apparently all econ transfers have to do that. [Incoming</a> Transfer Students | Department of Economics](<a href=“]Incoming”>Incoming Transfer Students | Department of Economics)</p>

<p>yomaxe, lawlking is suggesting that the calculus and other prereqs might be too hard for me to get As in, which is totally possible, which is why I would take macro + micro through UCB extension (go at your own pace= guaranteed A) and calculus during spring, so even if I got a C it wouldn’t affect my Fall 2013 acceptance.</p>

<p>But it would affect your petition to add econ as a second major</p>

<p>So you are saying that once a student of College of Letters and Sciences, it’s still extremely competitive to petition into Econ? I would obviously still try to get As.</p>

<p>Easy to add at Irvine, harder at Berkeley and UCLA.</p>

<p>something to consider… minor in economics at Berkeley and maybe add on another minor like accounting or management to supplement it. For a lot of places, your major doesn’t matter THAT much. Seriously focus on getting good work/internship experience and inflate your GPA as much as possible.</p>

<p>Yes, if you are trying to go through a loop hole Berkeley already knows–as they dealt with millions of students since their existence. </p>

<p>There are few Economic seats available, these few seats and high amounts of students who are trying to make Econ their major make competition fierce–and I mean battle to death fierce. Get all A’s in all the pre-reqs, nothing less.</p>

<p>^^I guess I will have to ace my classes then! Maybe a minor in Econ as well as a minor in accounting or management would be better for me anyway.</p>