Adding link to magazine on common app

I was recently feature on the front page of a magazine and had my own feature article written about me. I think it reveals my personality a lot and would love to have it on my common app. I just do not know where to put it! I listed in my honors section that I was featured in the magazine, but is there anyway I can put a link to the magazine for admissions officers to view? Any tips would be great. Thanks!

My D actually had the same - cover photo and article about a specific accomplishment, with an overview of past awards, but it never occurred to me to include it in an application. Someone else writing a story about her accomplishments and awards wasn’t something I considered an accomplishment or award.

Maybe your article was different - what’s in it that isn’t in your Activities/Awards/personal essay sections of the application, in your own words?

If you really want to add it to your application, after taking the time to consider@RichInPitt 's words of advice, you can add it to the “Additional Information” section of your Common Application. Some schools, such as Brown, have a section in their supplement for applicants to provide a link to their YouTube channel etc, so you might be able to provide the link there instead.

Hope that helps! Good luck with admissions!

The article had my answers to some short essay questions. I think this is a great opportunity to show my schools my personality outside of the essays provided by the schools themselves. I’ll probably add it to additional information. Thanks!

If the article talks about a specific honor, then you can prob add the link behind it the description if there is room, especially if it’s a well-known publication. If not, and it’s a general article, maybe in the additional info section.