Adding Schools

<p>I wanted to add The George Washington University to my colleges on common app; however, the search results are not coming up.</p>

<p>At first I thought maybe George Washington University doesn't use common app, but on the common app website, they are one of the members along with the other 415 schools.</p>

<p>Is this a mistake or is the site just having some problems?
Anyone with similar problems?</p>

<p>I just did a quick test and searched for the college (using the Quick Add feature) and it showed up. If it's nothing trivial like a minor typo or something, then it might be a technical problem. In which case you should contact Common App directly.
How are you searching for it? Quick Add or normally? Name only or other search details in addition?</p>

<p>By clicking on Search for Colleges and typing in george washington, it comes up for me. Try again or else it is a problem</p>

<p>I waited a few hours and it works now
Thanks for the input!</p>