Adding Summer Camps to Applications

Hi, I’m in 11th Grade and had attended a summer camp for the first time this summer. I’m new into this thing. So, I want to know how do you guys add/mention previous summer camp into your college applications ? Is it like you add it into the essay or somewhere else ?

It would probably be mentioned as a less important activity in the activities section of the application. But it can also depend. Was it a selective summer camp, or were you there as a junior counselor? Generally, things that are paid for are not quite as important as activities such as jobs, volunteering, or extra curriculars that you do outside of school hours.

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Can I add my summer camp experience in the Essay? Is there any other way I can list my summer camp in the application ?

Yes, put it in the activities section as a less important EC or put it in additional information. But how important was this summer camp? What did you do? Was it life changing or something? I don’t see any reason why it should be mentioned in your essay. The essay is about you, not what you did this summer. So unless it was something that had a profound effect on you, it’s a minor thing and should be regarded as such, unless for reasons already mentioned in my previous post.

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