Additional Essays

<p>I have written a personal writing piece and a poem for senior year and i did pretty well on both of them. (I take AP English Literature) I kinda wanna send them these two pieces. do you think i should send it? If i do, do you think they will scrutinize them?</p>

<p>I don't see how it can hurt you, but I doubt they'll really be taken seriously as supplemental meterials . . . unless, it's like Nobel Prize for Literature quality</p>

<p>I think it can only help your chances, so I would send it in. When applying to a college with rolling admissions, I sent in an English paper I did called "Matthias and the technicolor peacock" and I got in. It would especially help if it is funny, because anyone giving them a laugh when they have to read that many papers is going to appear favorable.</p>

<p>I really want to send in my extended essay for IB. It was a b**** but I was proud of it. I don't know if they want a 20 page paper though.</p>

<p>I'm going to assume they don't... unless of course the very first sentence is compelling enough to make them want to read it all. My 2 cents :)</p>

<p>Oh, and should I send one of the additional essays I'm writing for other RD schools to Cornell? I just feel that these essays seem to highlight my passions and the nuances of my character in ways that the common app couldn't. Let me know what you think. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated! Good luck to all and have a Happy New Year! :)</p>

<p>^ I'm thinking about that too. How should we get it in? Fax them with the message saying: "please stick these into my folder"?</p>