Additional Info Section for 3 honors?

<p>I ran out of room for listing honors, so I'm thinking going to additional information makes the most sense. However, I feel like maybe this is such a minor thing that maybe colleges will think I'm wasting their time by making a section just for them? It's just a language honor society and honor roll/high honor roll (I'm specifying when I got what since my transcript doesn't include term grades) so maybe it's not worth it. Plus I kind of feel like a tool for using the additional info section to list more honors. Does this seem like something I should include, or should I just pick the 5 most significant honors I've gotten?</p>


<p>I would not do an additional section. They will see your grades, so assuming you did well in your language class to qualify for the language honors it would be 'guilding the lilly' to add another section for school based honors. - However, if your situation is different somehow, you would know best.
My D had a similar question with adding an additional section to include IB SL test scores and a third subject test. We decided that the subject test was already on submitted score reports and the IBs - while great - didn't tell anything that the AP scores and class grades did not. We decided that the additional page would just be one more thing for adcoms to sort through without providing that much more information.</p>

<p>Thanks, that makes a lot of sense :) </p>

<p>The one reason I want to list them is that my school only shows year grades, so although I tend to get at least 1 B+ a year I wanted to show that there were terms where I got high honors, but do you think that's not worth it? It seems like it could be too trivial but if there's a chance it could help I'd love to include it. I'm definitely leaning towards trying to avoid the additional info section though.</p>

<p>So I have one more question: if I take out honor roll, I just go over by one with the language honor society. Would it be worth it to list National Merit and National Achievement together in the same column so that I can include the extra honor, or is it not worth it? The extra honor will be listed on my transcript if that makes a difference.</p>

<p>anyone else? i'm leaning towards avoiding the additional info section for this but i'd love to get a few more opinions :)</p>