Additional Information Section URGENT

<p>I wrote a small 250 wordish essay for the additional information section of my common app. In addition to this essay, I scanned two college transcripts (I took college courses while in high school) and attached them to the document I uploaded on the common app. It's far under the 500kb limit, but I am unsure if the admissions offices will be annoyed that I uploaded them instead of requesting that the universities I attended send the transcripts to the schools I am applying to. I am applying to 7 schools on the common app, so sending the transcript this way will be a whole lot easier for me and will ensure that the schools actually get them (i have no clue if the universities I attended will actually mail them, as it took multiple requests for one copy to be mailed to me)</p>

<p>Basically, is it suitable to have transcripts on my additional information section (which are not as important as my HS transcripts which were uploaded normally by my guidance counselor)? My additional information section is only 2 pages</p>

<p>*I am not trying to get credit for the courses, so I do not think that the transcripts need to mailed officially. I just want to demonstrate that I challenged myself in HS</p>

<p>Well, I think that they would probably prefer those transcripts mailed but I don't really see anything bad with attaching them to the additional information section. However, it does seem like a lot of things for the additional information section..</p>