Additional information

<p>Ok, tell me if you think it's appropriate/if I should list this under additional information at the end of the application.</p>

<p>AP Scores: 5 Eng Lang, 4 AB Calc, 4 US History
( one reason why I want to put this is because I did poorly on my SAT 2 writing, but I got 800 on verbal sat I and a 5 in english, so it might make the 620 writing easier to look over).</p>

<p>Also, the other thing I'm thinking about putting. On my Transcript I've gotten 4 B's, and 3 of them occurred in 7th and 8th grade, where the grading scales for A's were different. In middle school, a A was a 94, where when I entered high school, they changed it that year to a 90. and they factor into my GPA and high school rank</p>

<p>WTF, you guys have middle school grades factored into your high school GPA? Thats stupid. </p>

<p>They should make that clear in your transcript and secondary school report. Also, bear in mind that adcoms to look at your transcript very carefully so they'll probably realize that some of those Bs are from middle school.</p>

<p>Also, there's a spot on the counseler rec for AP scores so I don't know if its neccesary to put them on your own thing as well.</p>

<p>Oh, I see the spot now, next to SAT 2 scores, but I doubt my counselor sent that in.
Also, its only high-school credit courses in middle school. I took 5: Algebrra, Geometry, Integrated Science, Spanish 1, and 20th century world history, and the grades on those count into my transcript. I got one B in algebra and 2 in geometry ( and they were 93's)
so do you think I should put that in my additional info?</p>

<p>Is there an explanation of the grading scale on your transcript or secondary school report?</p>

<p>I don't know what she put but I'm sure she didn't explain it. I bet you she even put transcript starts at 9th grade.</p>

<p>wth? middle school grades r counted into ur gpa? if that were the case for me id have like a 10.0 unweighted</p>

<p>only high-school credit courses? so 75 percent of my b's lol</p>