additional information?

<p>on the freshman application theres a spot for "additional information"...</p>

<p>what do they want us to put there? would it be bad not to include any additional information?</p>

<p>usually people put stuff that didn't fit into the other modules, like more activities or stuff</p>

<p>i basically put my resume.</p>

<p>i didn't bother with the additional information section; most of what i wanted to say was in my app, and my stats are good anyway, so i didn't worry about it</p>

<p>but some people do put some extra things that didn't fit</p>

<p>or information to describe something that may seem ambiguous in the application</p>

<p>or r</p>

<p>awesome thanks</p>

<p>actually i did put something in for the additional information, but it was like 2 extra clubs and that was it</p>

<p>so i basically didn't use that section (2 clubs -- not that important)</p>