Additional Merit Aid???

<p>Wondering... As everyone accepts or refuses NU's offers of admission, is there any chance that merit awards for those who have sent in deposits change??? Might a student who got a small award get a larger one? I have heard of this for some schools, but i am wondering if anyone has ever heard or experienced it here. Thanks!</p>

<p>I doubt any addition Merit , but maybe more in grants . Have you receieved your financial aide package yet ?</p>

<p>I have asked this question and also spoke with my daughter's financial counselor and sadly the answer has been no increase in merit aid.</p>

<p>Yeah, :( I didn't think so. Thanks everyone. It doesn't look like we qualify for anything else besides the merit award and some unsubsidized loans. Oh well- something is better than nothing since she will be going!</p>

<p>I asked this question at one of their Open House days and the impression that I got is that they expect a certain amount to decline the offer, so they offer more than they expect to pay out. But wouldn't that be nice! :-(</p>